A solution for facial problems



Vitamin C serum has helped my dry skin situation immensely. I think that I will always struggle with dry skin, it has been a thing that is reflected me for my whole life, and this vitamin C serum as well as fixing long-term damage and preventing further damage, also is the immediate effect, as in the exact immediate effect, I’ve actually just in moisturizing skin in a really beautiful way. When I applied, there’s no leftover grease or oil on my hands or my face, everything is fully absorb, and it smells great too, it doesn’t smell like a prescription cream that are so toxic and chemical smelling, it’s totally organic and natural and its FDA-approved too, and it’s peer-reviewed science that says that this will lead to furthering of amazing NC aging effects. Not to mention, I think we all want to Glow, we all want to feel good, and we all want to look good, that’s not something that should be a source of Shame and yet, somehow in our society actually is, and often when people say something like vitamin C serum, everybody else just assumes that they’re lying or that they’re being gullible, I know that I thought that vitamin C serum was just some kind of hack idea of a hippie solution to something but the fact is that there are signs to prove too.


The practice of photography

But, many people thought it would never happen with photography, it would have seemed to unimaginable not that long ago. But now, someone like me, who is just a mobile user, is creating images with their phone that are so nice that people are using them as stock photographs. Stock photography is such an interesting thing, and often, I have found, that an actual captivating image of slightly lesser quality will actually do better than a more standard, boring, cliche image of a slightly higher image quality. It’s the thing that people are so used to being bored and unimpressed by their stock photography choices that they will actually choose something of a lower resolution if it means that they get to have an image that is actually interesting and actually does their web content Justice. Not to mention, photography is such an interesting practice, because it is totally changing all the time, even though it has been the same basic idea and it’s actually existed, like forever. Seriously, I think that this is the most interesting thing about photography. That something that is such a basic concept has managed to evolve and take so many forms. Now, by using filters and apps like this, you’re actually able to approach Photography in a way that no generation has ever been able to, and a lot of people take full advantage of that. While it’s true that not everybody does, and that a lot of people just end up over filtering and taking basic selfies of themselves, using the technology but not exactly utilizing its more useful functions in ways that are anything but trivial. However, that’s not for us to be a snob about, now is it?

The best things about Amazon Prime Canada for students and professionals

Trust me, I think both the offers for Amazon Prime for both students and professionals are really good deals, but as a student I can’t help but be pretty excited that this discount actually exists. I just think that it’s one of the best things, I just love it, because I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime, and I’m really glad that I can afford to access it, without feeling like I am damaging my own finances too much, or that I’m being exploited or not fairly treated. Obviously, Amazon wants students to be engaging with its product, even if it means that it’s not making as much per customer. But comment like I was saying, Amazon seems to be a company that is always geared towards and thinking about the future, and that is not something that should be underestimated, in fact I don’t think Amazon gets enough credit for that, that they’re willing to invest heavily in the present and do it in a way that is more of an investment in their future, that is pretty amazing, that they can be a successful company that is fully geared towards making themselves more successful in the future. It’s a unique business  model.


So how much is Amazon Prime canada Cor students? It’s only well, it’s about half the price of the regular Amazon Prime service, which is already really reasonable. Basically, it is just over $6 a month to have Amazon Prime on a standard account, so, if you do the math, Amazon Prime for students ends up being about $3 a month. And the amount of savings that you can get for $3 a month is crazy. I mean, not only do you get yourself a Netflix alternative, but the amount of quick deliveries that can come your way with no shipping cost, is quite frankly amazing.

Stones of Hope

Honestly, it is hard to say that Casey from the amazing site Juju supply is anything less than a hero. She survived cancer twice. Yes, she had cancer two times, and she came out on the other side with the idea to start Juju Supply. It’s amazing. She made her way through some of the toughest things that a person can, and rather than being defeated, she Rose From the Ashes and made something absolutely amazing. I do think that we have the ability to utilize the natural world, stones and other such things, to our advantage, and JuJu does this in a really beautiful way, and allows you to share this gift with the people that you care about, in a way that suits yourself, your price range, and the needs of your loved one. Honestly, there is no downside, in my opinion. To this website and this store, and the service that Juju sir provides. Beautiful jewelry that goes beyond ornamentation and become something so much more. I don’t know what else to say about Juju Supply, other than the fact that they do so much. If you know anybody who is in need of compassion, protection, Tranquility, or anything like that, you should be buying them their next gift from Juju supply, for sure.

Website with cheap finds

Well, I just don’t know what to do about this situation at all. Actually, no, I know exactly what they need to do. I just need to make a decision. I get so nervous about this kind of thing. It’s my husband’s birthday. Soon. What am I supposed to do? I’m supposed to buy my great gift. Who is more qualified to buy my husband a great gift than me? Absolutely nobody. So, why am I so nervous? Because this only happens once a year, and I want to make sure I get it perfect. There are basically two options that I’ve boiled this down to. The first one is more conventionally in line with what I usually do for my husband’s birthday.

You see, I was on the website called Survival Cooking, which is a website that specializes in all sorts of reviews for camping supplies. Usually I get my husband something like this for his birthday. It’s safe. And this website allows me to know exactly what the product is intended for, and who it’s best for, which I think is a really special thing that a lot of websites don’t allow you to do. However, I also feel like I should maybe consider doing something different for my husband, since I buy him a camping tool for the last five or six birthdays. You know, I was looking at watches, and I have to say that there are some beautiful ones. There are some that are great, and when you are looking at the best watches under 500, I found that I was constantly asking myself, how do these amazing watches come in at such a great value? Many of them are on sale. So, I just don’t know which way to go. Do you have any advice for me?

Commuting Dilemma

Three years ago, I had this huge dilemma. My friends and family know that I am a little lazy person. I am not a morning person so I am always late for work. Aside from the fact that I am late, my tardiness is even more worsen because of a road reblocking back then. I had to deal with the traffic, and consume time without being too productive.

My work mate Elissa is far different from me. She lives two miles aways but she is never late for work. When i asked her her secret, aside from the fact that she wakes up really early, is the way she uses transportation in her advantage.

She is using this elektrische scooter from Unu Motors. In the parking lot, she has this grey electric scooter which looked so chic and cool and secretly envied her. It also comes with a helmet. Elissa is a towering woman but she does not worry on her height and weight that might go against the electric moter. In fact, electric motors from Unu Motors adapt to almost everyone.

Aside from that, I loved that she can contribute to Mother Earth by using a vehicles which do not emit any harmful chemicals that gives danger to the air we breathe.

After our talk, she said she will refer me to a friend who is with Unu Motors so I can buy my own.

Things To Do When Stuck In Traffic

Do you oftentimes deal with traffic? Here’s some of my tips for you so you can beat traffic in no time.


Read a good book. Always bring a paperback with you wherever you go. Better yet, have Kindle with you or download an ebook version. A lot of ebook’s need to be purchased. Better check those who accept credit cards so it will not be too much of a hassle on your part.


Did an idea pop into your mind while on traffic? Jot it down in your notes before it escapes you. Remember to bring a ballpen with you!

Play a game

Download a fun app game in your cellphone to beat the traffic. Whenever you are stuck, it will make you mood happier and you will not realize you are already spending a couple of hours on the road.

Talk to a stranger

Yes you can! Talk to them, but first make sure they are not harmful. Try engaging in a small talk and who knows where it can lead you.

Good luck and be positive always!

What We Always Love To Do

As sisters, it is important that we always bond as a family. Though we have different interests, we always find time to talk and catch-up despite our busy schedules.

Here are the things we usually do as sisters:

Catch up over coffee

We love coffee! Coffee is our stress reliever. Sometimes, we also drink tea.

Go to party

We go to parties together, especially in college parties where we also catch up with friends. The last time was when we went to  Coal Harbour condos where my friends are residing at.

Go Shopping

What else do we do to bond than shopping? We try on each other’s clothes and give suggestions on what’s good on us.


Meet Fenina

Fenina is still in college. She plans to pursue television reporting some day when she graduates two years from now. She loves watching shows of Oprah Winfrey as well as Ellen DeGeneres.

She is the president of the mass communications society that she founded three years ago with her batchmates. She is also into musical instruments. She currently plays the piano and the guitar.

Meet Celine

Celine is a writer in a community paper. She is 26 years old. She is an avid fan of Netflix and has finished school with a journalism degree. She writes feature articles which has topics of business, travel, lifestyle, and health.

She is quite shy but she is outgoing when you meet personally.

She also writes about education topics as well as women empowerment. She also does interviews and coordinates photo shoots for the newspaper. Someday, she plans to have her own magazine as a publisher. She wants to have her own magazine where it would touch topics on health and women.