Need help on some digital dilemma

I think my cousin needs someone who can advice what is the great internet provider, have some wlan access point test maybe, and then set it up smoothly and check it every now and then. She is focused on her work right now and she is also preoccupied with matters about her new apartment, paying deposits, monthly dues, supplies, and many more.

I really hope someone can help her. If I am an expert, I will definitely do it myself but really, this is quite a challenge for me.

Maybe I can learn through YouTube and all but it will take so much time and I think she needs to set up her internet in the next couple of days. She texted me to have a consultant to help her set up her internet service at home. I am not an expert on wifis and internets things that is why i am posting on my blog, wishing someone might read this and hep her out. She badly needs to set up an internet in her home. She just moved in to a new apartment and she needs it so she can daily monitor her tasks given by her boss.

my Awesome stay

I was at the Venezia Santa Lucia all alone with my best 360 grad kamera,. I love how my 360 camera has got me the opportunity to take more and more photos in my travels. While checking suitable hotels, Venezia Mestre station appeared in my searches. Hotels near Venezia Mestre offer good value and are decent, but these are in the mainland and nowhere close to Venice island! I made a mistake here since I picked Venezia Mestre station as our stop, coming from Rome. So, we took another 10-minute train ride to Venezia Santa Lucia station. As there are only 4 bridges to cross the Grand Canal, and I doubt if a traghetto would accept huge luggage when crossing the canal, I picked a hotel close to 1 of the 4 bridges. We stayed at Hotel Carlton, just across Venezia Santa Lucia station and close to Scalzi Bridge. The cost was €140 per night with breakfast.

Benefits of self storage

Are you new to the word self storage? Well I was too a year ago. But when i started availing the service, my life had not been any harder!

Here are some benefits of self storage:

  1. Safe- you things are all in safe condition and they are stored in nice boxes and units
  2. Secured- these units are all enclosed in a 24 hour security system
  3. Flexible contract- choose to lease a space for weeks and even months
  4. Customer service- they have excellent customer service.

If you woud like to know more, check out and  compare storage prices, 

I Will Have An Inspirational Talk

Three weeks from now I will have an inspirational talk about finding the right balance of work and play. It was a struggle for me when I started shifting to a digital nomad lifestyle from a corporate world but actually, it was all worth it. I started a little rocky, but when I had a schedule, and I had a lot of time management input in my work schedule, my life changed. So one thing I really advise to all of you is to find time for everything—for work, play, family, and even love life and travel too! By having a schedule, setting goals and sticking up to it, then you will eventually find the balance you are looking for. Personally, I use an online calendar to track all the things I need to do. Aside from that, I have my phone which is synch to my online calendar to remind me every two days, two hours, and 30 minutes before my commitment so I will not miss it. Also, it is important to have a watch with you. Mobile phones to not really help much for me. Actually, I am more productive if I have a watch. That is why I am deeply thankful for my husband who gave me best wooden watches  ever as a present during our anniversary. Thankyou, Jon!

Coming Home

I will be coming home three months from now. I lived in Vancouver for almost three years because of work and I had only visited my town twice. I missed my parents already and my brothers who are still both in college. I missed my mother’s macaroni soup and my father’s constant tells on the NBA and some football news. I missed my brothers bickering and missed seeing them play in the backyard when they were young. Three years ago I was assigned to Vancouver to train some people from our deparmtnet and since then, my boss said he will promote me and give me a raise if I stayed there and helped the company grow in the area. And so I stayed and i really did not regret the offer. Now, my boss gave me one month of vacation to my hometown and I could not get any excited. I bought some gifts for my parents (two wood watch to be exact). I also bought my mother some shawls and my father a pair of boots. For my brothers, I bought them a basketball and some jerseys. I also bought some chocolates so they will have something to bring for their girlfriends. Anyway, I also plan to schedule some meet ups for my old friends who are still in town. I will be meeting Tin who is a supervisor in a local grocery store and Fina who is now a product manager of a pharmaceutical company. I am excited to meet them all and have my one month vacation in my home town.

A solution for facial problems



Vitamin C serum has helped my dry skin situation immensely. I think that I will always struggle with dry skin, it has been a thing that is reflected me for my whole life, and this vitamin C serum as well as fixing long-term damage and preventing further damage, also is the immediate effect, as in the exact immediate effect, I’ve actually just in moisturizing skin in a really beautiful way. When I applied, there’s no leftover grease or oil on my hands or my face, everything is fully absorb, and it smells great too, it doesn’t smell like a prescription cream that are so toxic and chemical smelling, it’s totally organic and natural and its FDA-approved too, and it’s peer-reviewed science that says that this will lead to furthering of amazing NC aging effects. Not to mention, I think we all want to Glow, we all want to feel good, and we all want to look good, that’s not something that should be a source of Shame and yet, somehow in our society actually is, and often when people say something like vitamin C serum, everybody else just assumes that they’re lying or that they’re being gullible, I know that I thought that vitamin C serum was just some kind of hack idea of a hippie solution to something but the fact is that there are signs to prove too.


The practice of photography

But, many people thought it would never happen with photography, it would have seemed to unimaginable not that long ago. But now, someone like me, who is just a mobile user, is creating images with their phone that are so nice that people are using them as stock photographs. Stock photography is such an interesting thing, and often, I have found, that an actual captivating image of slightly lesser quality will actually do better than a more standard, boring, cliche image of a slightly higher image quality. It’s the thing that people are so used to being bored and unimpressed by their stock photography choices that they will actually choose something of a lower resolution if it means that they get to have an image that is actually interesting and actually does their web content Justice. Not to mention, photography is such an interesting practice, because it is totally changing all the time, even though it has been the same basic idea and it’s actually existed, like forever. Seriously, I think that this is the most interesting thing about photography. That something that is such a basic concept has managed to evolve and take so many forms. Now, by using filters and apps like this, you’re actually able to approach Photography in a way that no generation has ever been able to, and a lot of people take full advantage of that. While it’s true that not everybody does, and that a lot of people just end up over filtering and taking basic selfies of themselves, using the technology but not exactly utilizing its more useful functions in ways that are anything but trivial. However, that’s not for us to be a snob about, now is it?

The best things about Amazon Prime Canada for students and professionals

Trust me, I think both the offers for Amazon Prime for both students and professionals are really good deals, but as a student I can’t help but be pretty excited that this discount actually exists. I just think that it’s one of the best things, I just love it, because I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime, and I’m really glad that I can afford to access it, without feeling like I am damaging my own finances too much, or that I’m being exploited or not fairly treated. Obviously, Amazon wants students to be engaging with its product, even if it means that it’s not making as much per customer. But comment like I was saying, Amazon seems to be a company that is always geared towards and thinking about the future, and that is not something that should be underestimated, in fact I don’t think Amazon gets enough credit for that, that they’re willing to invest heavily in the present and do it in a way that is more of an investment in their future, that is pretty amazing, that they can be a successful company that is fully geared towards making themselves more successful in the future. It’s a unique business  model.


So how much is Amazon Prime canada Cor students? It’s only well, it’s about half the price of the regular Amazon Prime service, which is already really reasonable. Basically, it is just over $6 a month to have Amazon Prime on a standard account, so, if you do the math, Amazon Prime for students ends up being about $3 a month. And the amount of savings that you can get for $3 a month is crazy. I mean, not only do you get yourself a Netflix alternative, but the amount of quick deliveries that can come your way with no shipping cost, is quite frankly amazing.

Stones of Hope

Honestly, it is hard to say that Casey from the amazing site Juju supply is anything less than a hero. She survived cancer twice. Yes, she had cancer two times, and she came out on the other side with the idea to start Juju Supply. It’s amazing. She made her way through some of the toughest things that a person can, and rather than being defeated, she Rose From the Ashes and made something absolutely amazing. I do think that we have the ability to utilize the natural world, stones and other such things, to our advantage, and JuJu does this in a really beautiful way, and allows you to share this gift with the people that you care about, in a way that suits yourself, your price range, and the needs of your loved one. Honestly, there is no downside, in my opinion. To this website and this store, and the service that Juju sir provides. Beautiful jewelry that goes beyond ornamentation and become something so much more. I don’t know what else to say about Juju Supply, other than the fact that they do so much. If you know anybody who is in need of compassion, protection, Tranquility, or anything like that, you should be buying them their next gift from Juju supply, for sure.

Website with cheap finds

Well, I just don’t know what to do about this situation at all. Actually, no, I know exactly what they need to do. I just need to make a decision. I get so nervous about this kind of thing. It’s my husband’s birthday. Soon. What am I supposed to do? I’m supposed to buy my great gift. Who is more qualified to buy my husband a great gift than me? Absolutely nobody. So, why am I so nervous? Because this only happens once a year, and I want to make sure I get it perfect. There are basically two options that I’ve boiled this down to. The first one is more conventionally in line with what I usually do for my husband’s birthday.

You see, I was on the website called Survival Cooking, which is a website that specializes in all sorts of reviews for camping supplies. Usually I get my husband something like this for his birthday. It’s safe. And this website allows me to know exactly what the product is intended for, and who it’s best for, which I think is a really special thing that a lot of websites don’t allow you to do. However, I also feel like I should maybe consider doing something different for my husband, since I buy him a camping tool for the last five or six birthdays. You know, I was looking at watches, and I have to say that there are some beautiful ones. There are some that are great, and when you are looking at the best watches under 500, I found that I was constantly asking myself, how do these amazing watches come in at such a great value? Many of them are on sale. So, I just don’t know which way to go. Do you have any advice for me?