10 Wonderful Mother’s Day Decorations that Cost Less than $10


Ambiance and atmosphere can make all the difference when planning a special occasion. Mother’s Day should be pretty and festive while not too much work to clean up. It should be memorable and might even be long-lasting. After all, with a little bit of effort, moms may be pleasantly surprised by the decorations you’ve displayed. They may even be able to keep a few of them just for the fun of it.
Every party needs balloons. Local party and craft stores, as well as mega chains such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart have more than enough choices. These days, you can get packages of balloons in just about any color you can think of. Blow them up and let them float around on the floor. Family and friends get playful as they kick them back and forth.

Decorate table tops with paper table cloths and long curly ribbon. Add a little confetti if desired. When the party’s over, wad the entire set up in a ball and throw it away.

Flowery garland can make all the difference. You can run it down the center of the table instead of having a centerpiece. You can coil it or weave it around buffet dishes. You can even place it in an archway or on low hanging beams.

Tailor made banners that highlight your mom’s unique personality are always a hit, especially if all the kids and grandkids sign them. It’s easy to stencil some pretty designs on them, or even have the little ones decorate them with hand prints.

If your mom is into cooking, then I recommend garlic and pepper braids. You may want to combine some flavored oils with these to make a pretty centerpiece. Offer to let mom keep it when the gathering is over.

For something a bit more energetic, pick up some clear glass bowls at Wal-Mart. Get some colored rocks and individual goldfish to put in each bowl. Place the fish on the coffee table, book shelf, or entertainment center. Place them anywhere you want. Be sure to get mom an aquarium as a gift so she can keep these active decorations as pets. This is one pet that doesn’t require too much work once the tank is set up correctly. You can even gift your mom with some nice wooden dinnerware sets you can buy online.

Make some special homemade wreathes or swags. You can get ideas on line, or pick up books from the library. Local craft stores also have lots of inexpensive ideas and supplies to help you put together the perfect personalized swag for mom.

Candles are fun to use as decorations. They come in so many sizes and shapes. You can add to them with silk flowers, or personalize them with charms. You can use a whole bunch of small candles throughout the house, or only use two or three depending on the mood you want to create. They can be used to add light and scent to your event, or simply kept for display. Candles are extremely versatile.

Small potted plants make great decorations, especially if you add little ornaments to personalize them. You can pick up doll house items at craft stores and place them noticeably in your plants. It’s just as easy to put appropriate stickers on toothpicks, and poke them in the soil. If you like to use photo software, you can even print out tiny pictures. Cut out small shapes of colored construction paper to use as backs for your toothpick decor.

Flowers are a requirement on Mother’s Day. Go to your local nursery, and pick up some landscaping flowers. Instead of planting the six or twelve individual plants in your garden, replant them in clear, pastel drinking cups. Put a small hole in the bottom, and seal the base with plastic wrap. Give one to all of the moms at your gathering when they leave. Every mom deserves to receive fresh flowers on Mother’s Day.

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