For North Carolina, Recycling Pays

Numerous media sources are reporting the release of information in a study from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources that indicates a strong trend in the increase of statewide recycling jobs in spite of the recession’s nationwide slump in employment.
The study, which is the most recent pool of data from a series of studies analyzing the relative importance of recycling to the state’s economy, was performed by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resource’s Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach. Previous studies have appeared in 1994, 2000, 2004, and 2008, and have all individually demonstrated a rise in the level of green jobs in the recycling sector of industry.

Among the study’s key points include the discovery that there are currently approximately 15,200 jobs related to recycling in the private sector alone in North Carolina. In addition, these private sector recycling employment opportunities have risen by almost five percent in the last two years alone, and nearly half of all of the recycling businesses surveyed by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resource’s study reported optimism about recruiting more green collar workers in the future.

On the flip-side of recycling, a quarter of the businesses surveyed by the study have reported that they are able to viably manufacture a product that makes use of the recycled materials fromĀ hospitality jobs londonĀ area, furthering the concept of using, as opposed to discarding, industrial materials. The report also pointed out that the recycling industry does not center around one type of recyclable predominantly, and that there is a wide variety of materials being recycled.


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