I Will Have An Inspirational Talk

Three weeks from now I will have an inspirational talk about finding the right balance of work and play. It was a struggle for me when I started shifting to a digital nomad lifestyle from a corporate world but actually, it was all worth it. I started a little rocky, but when I had a schedule, and I had a lot of time management input in my work schedule, my life changed. So one thing I really advise to all of you is to find time for everything—for work, play, family, and even love life and travel too! By having a schedule, setting goals and sticking up to it, then you will eventually find the balance you are looking for. Personally, I use an online calendar to track all the things I need to do. Aside from that, I have my phone which is synch to my online calendar to remind me every two days, two hours, and 30 minutes before my commitment so I will not miss it. Also, it is important to have a watch with you. Mobile phones to not really help much for me. Actually, I am more productive if I have a watch. That is why I am deeply thankful for my husband who gave me best wooden watches  ever as a present during our anniversary. Thankyou, Jon!

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