Things To Do When Stuck In Traffic

Do you oftentimes deal with traffic? Here’s some of my tips for you so you can beat traffic in no time.


Read a good book. Always bring a paperback with you wherever you go. Better yet, have Kindle with you or download an ebook version. A lot of ebook’s need to be purchased. Better check those who accept credit cards so it will not be too much of a hassle on your part.


Did an idea pop into your mind while on traffic? Jot it down in your notes before it escapes you. Remember to bring a ballpen with you!

Play a game

Download a fun app game in your cellphone to beat the traffic. Whenever you are stuck, it will make you mood happier and you will not realize you are already spending a couple of hours on the road.

Talk to a stranger

Yes you can! Talk to them, but first make sure they are not harmful. Try engaging in a small talk and who knows where it can lead you.

Good luck and be positive always!

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