Three of the Best Non Microsoft Web Design Software Programs for Under $100


Web design has far reaching implications. No longer do websites need only strong content to become popular, but they need to look and work great as well. Of course, a great web designer, who probably came from web development companies, can perform miracles with even the smallest amount of direction. This is in no small part to the particular software program being used. While several web design software programs exist, finding one that is not a Microsoft product can be difficult, and finding one that works great that is not a Microsoft product is even more difficult. Still many web design programs offer great versatility. These programs can make a beginner look like an expert in as little as one or two sites without the designer having to know the programming language HTML. While plunking down more than a thousand dollars will land the ultimate program Adobe Creative Suite 5, finding a great piece of software for under $100 is usually where many folks are comfortable, and they can always upgrade later. Here is a look at some of the best non-Microsoft web site design software programs for under $100:
Intuit Website Creator

Available from Best Buy or for $99.99, Website Creator from Intuit provides a basic three-step process for getting a site designed and uploaded. This process is further simplified by the removal of HTML from the process, which means no HTML is required to use this piece of software. Users simply pick a template and drag and drop their desired options into place. Really, this is a great program for beginners to advanced designers looking to streamline the entire design process.

Serif WebPlus X4 Windows

WebPlus X4 from Serif is available at or Best Buy for $99.99. This is another great drag and drop web design program that removes the guess work that comes with beginners and HTML. WebPlus X4 allows for integration of Paypal and shopping carts, and provides a number of instructional videos to make sure the program is being used to the fullest extent possible. All things considered for $100, this is a great program for any tech fan to have in their arsenal.

Nova Development WebEasy 8 Professional

Web Easy 8 Professional from Nova Development can be found at Wal-Mart or for $51.00. Consumers should not be fooled by the low price tag for Web Easy 8. The program features an extremely easy to follow interface and bills itself with the ability to create a site in as little as one hour. While it will likely take a beginner a little longer than one hour to create their first site, Web Easy 8 Professional keeps the process moving and keeps everything simplified. This is a nice program, but does lack a little of the polish of the higher priced software. However, the end result is pretty much the same: creating a great looking website without having to learn HTML.

Anyone looking to purchase web design software should double check the computer they plan on running the software to be certain of compatibility. Once the initial hurdles of site development are complete, generally the real work of promoting the site and creating content can begin. Potential buyers should remember, while these programs allow for easy creation of a web site, they do not provide traffic or visitors to the site to appreciate them.


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